Black Google

Black Google
is a collection of all the stem files from Death Grips' debut mixtape Exmilitary. Its release was accompanied by a special video directed by Sean Metelerkamp, uploaded on September 8, 2011.

It can currently be downloaded from


Death Grips - Black Google

Death Grips - Black Google


  • Beware (Instrumental/Guitar/FX/Drums/Vocal)
  • Guillotine (Instrumental/Bass/Drums/FX/Vocal)
  • Spread Eagle Cross The Block (Instrumental/Vocal)
  • Lord of the Game (Instrumental/Drums/FX/Vocal)
  • Takyon (Instrumental/Vocal)
  • Klink (Instrumental/Drums/FX/Vocal)
  • Culture Shock (Instrumental/E Drums/Drums/Synth/FX/Vocal)
  • Thru the Walls (Instrumental/Vocal)
  • Known For It (Instrumental/Drums/Keys/Vocal)
  • I Want It I Need It (Instrumental/Drums/Guitar/Vocal)
  • Blood Creepin (Instrumental/Drums/Bass/Vocal/Keys)

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