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A picture of Andy Morin, as seen in his website.

Andrew Lee Morin, also known as Andy Morin or Flatlander is the audio engineer for Death Grips.

In one of Death Grips' only interviews, Andy made his m.o. clear when he said, "We get to play really loud."

Early life[]

Not much is known about Andy. He was born on May 16, 1986, making him 37 as of writing.. We can see him on some old footage of him playing at The Hub in Sacramento with Jed Brewer. Also, he is present in footage of a Hella concert at the left corner, so we can conclude that Morin knew Zach Hill before they began the project Death Grips with Stefan Burnett. He was one of the people who recorded the albums made by Afternoon Brother and Weaver. He has an official website named after his Twitter account, but with no underscores.

Social media accounts[]

These are one of the accounts Andy owns, according to the Death Grips subreddit.

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